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Your go-to platform for easy and efficient ticket management, from school plays to massive concerts. Remain in control with our powerful feature set.

25p Per Paid Ticket*
Free for Free Tickets
(*Plus payment gateway fees from Stripe which is around 1.5% + 20p)

Save Hundreds on Ticketing Fees, Every Event.

Nearly a quarter of the price of the industry giant.

Our Price

£0.25 Per Ticket Sold, Plus 1.5% Stripe Gateway Fee

Example Cost for a £20 Ticket:


Selling 100 Tickets:



6.95% + £0.59 per sold ticket

Example Cost for a £20 Ticket:


Selling 1000 Tickets:


Affordable doesn't mean basic

Sell tickets to your event, manage your guest list and check in guests all from one easy to use platform.

Your Tickets, Your Way

Sell just a single type of ticket or have multiple difference ticket types each with their own limitations and pricing requirements.

Custom Fees

Just because we set a single flat fee doesn't mean you have to. Charge a per ticket or per booking fee and increase your revenue stream.

Hidden Tickets

Hide tickets based on dates or availability - helping you avoid showing early bird pricing to those who missed the oppertunity!

Custom Group Weighting

Want to limit the number of guests at your event but also want to sell a flexible number of ticket types? Define ticket group sizes, and global guest limits.

Easily Check In Guests

We know selling the tickets is only half the job - That's why we have a dedicated mobile app, printable guest lists and easily accessible online listing pages

Dedicated Mobile App

Scan our QR coded tickets for quick entry confirmation, or browse the guest list and search by name.


Understand your event with in depth analytics including ticket sales, locations, revenue breakdown and more.

Share & Embed Your Events

Share your events on social media, or embed them on your own website.

Embed Code

Simply copy the embed code and paste it into your website to display all your upcoming events, and let people complete the checkout on your site.

Sharable URL

Post your events URL on your social media and get bookings within minutes, no setup required.

Free Installation

Need us to add your widget to your website? Just ask and we'll be happy to install with no additional cost.

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Serving Bookings & Tickets for 800+ Companies


You might be wondering... but we've got answers.

How can you offer it so cheap?
We prefer affordable, but still - we don't do large marketing campaigns and don't have an internal sales team. We then use these savings as our competitive advantage.
How does payments work?
When your customers make a payment to buy a ticket the money goes directly into your own Stripe payment account. We deduct our fee from the ticket price and the rest is yours.
What's support like?
Fast! We're on LiveChat during business hours, and 24/7 we're here on email if you need help. It doesn't matter if your a free or paid user, we're here to help.
What other fees are there?
We don't charge any other fees, but you will need a Stripe account to accept payments. Stripe charge 1.4% + 20p per transaction.
Who are you?
We're a small team of developers who love building great products. We're based in the UK and have been building software for over 10 years and our parent product is
What payment methods do you support?
As we use Stripe your customers can pay with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more.

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